GravityTech Security (GTS) Solutions

GravityTech Security (GTS) specialise in cutting edge technology solutions for private and homeland security


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At Gravitytech Security, we are committed to providing outstanding solutions for global security challenges.

GravityTech Security is a subsidiary of GravityTech Group, an Australian owned company with headquarters located in Melbourne. Since establishing in 2016, the group now provides products and services to over 19 countries around the world.

GravityTech specialises in aggregating cutting edge technology to provide unified security and health solutions for government institutions, hospitals, education, and private enterprise.

The dynamic Group leadership team are responsible for researching and sourcing the right technology to address specific business needs.

Focused on building and expanding strategic business relationships with technology leaders both nationally and overseas, every product chosen is subject to rigorous testing and quality assurance prior to becoming part of the GravityTech catalogue.

GravityTech is committed to continue innovating and providing state of the art solutions to our clients, while creating opportunities and supporting initiatives around the globe. We realise the talent, commitment and hard work of many visionary individuals striving to develop technologies which improve our quality of life.

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